quinta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2012

Taiwan - The Outbound Journey

 AMS, Schiphol airport, 12:00 local time: our plane getting ready for take off and more than 11h flight to BKK.

Flight meals

You won't be left on an empty stomach unless you really can't stand the food given on planes. I think I never had so many meals in such a short period of time. It's okay to bring your own empty water bottle and then fill it on the plane, however we didn't use this method, just used the cups provided and the stewardesses were unstoppable offering cups of water.

Meanwhile, crossing time zones

BKK aerial view, ~ 6:15 local time

Finally, off the plane and we can feel the warm, humid air outside. It feels unreal. The signs at the airport are all in Thai and English. First stop is the toilet where we can find these natural beauties:

Next stop is at a snack bar at the airport where they serve mango with sticky rice (yummii!) and fruit salad. We were delighted!

After around 2h wait at the airport finally we will be boarding again the same plane bound to TPE. Most passengers are Chinese/Taiwanese, the Europeans decided to stay in Thailand =) Now our eyelids feel really heavy...

Taipei here we go!

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